Corporate transport

Our business traveler service is intended for busy executives and staff requiring top notch service for themselves and for their corporate and private guests in Greater Vancouver area. Plain black, yet luxury vehicle with all amenities as entertainment system and convenience of mobile internet connection are ideal for busy business traveler as it could serve as a temporary mobile office.

Even simple transfer to and from the airport is less stressful knowing your chauffeur will be there for you or your guest on-time and there’s no second guessing of vehicle appearance, cleanliness etc. With base rate at $100/$110 per hour* and flat destination rates on longer distances and seating for up to six (SUV) or up to eleven (Mercedes Van) this is very close or better on the price alone than just regular taxi which seats only up to four and where “meter” is always clicking.
We are licensed/insured for trips to USA – mostly Washington and Oregon states and have knowledge and experience to provide service to-from Seattle, Sea-Tac and Bellingham airports, corporate centers of Redmond or Bellevue
Being Richmond based company we are located very close to the South Terminal, servicing clients arriving/departing through terminals of Signature Aviation (formerly Esso Avitat), London Aviation, Landmark Aviation and regular coastal carriers providing service to smaller remote BC communities and fishing lodges and resorts.

Our value added “mobile concierge service”, saves visiting clients valuable time using our local knowledge of hospitality industry and business environment.
Setting up of an corporate account with accurate invoicing allows simple and flexible logistic arrangements for company executives and other authorized personnel.

Please visit our christmas party article for update of our transportation offer.

*plus GST , service fee (gratuity, parking, etc.)

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